SWAPP 3.0 is Vindico’s game-changing new technology for stadiums, venues, and events – with new features to solve the most common problems that venues and management teams encounter.  

Our newest innovation builds on the success of our original SWAPP platform, which has already become the go-to technology for the likes of the WRU, Cardiff Blues, Glamorgan Cricket along with venues including Principality Stadium, the Arms Park, Sophia Gardens, and our namesake Vindico Arena. 
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And its brand new features are set to enhance all aspects of venue and event management. Here’s three ways it’s proving a game-changer. 


SWAPP 3.0 lets you see in real-time what’s going on and where at your venue or event. The simple reporting function gets rid of complex report processes to give you a clear and current view of your venue or event. With ultimate transparency, this feature facilitates better decision making, and allows you and your team to address and manage each situation as smoothly as possible.


One of the biggest challenges our clients in the stadium and venue sectors voiced was the loss of knowledge and information when staff leave. Another issue is that only a handful of staff know how to work or access important features and info – which was proves a barrier to communication and transparency. So, when we developed SWAPP 3.0 – we set out to tackle the problem head on. The easy-to-use tech lets you build a simple framework that’s easy to use, accessible to all, and makes sure that all the important info and knowledge stays within the venue – no matter who comes and goes. 

The result? 

Maximum accessibility, transparency, usability, and ownership of the information that matters to your venue. 


In an age where tech is getting more and more complex and we’re drowning in too much data, SWAPP 3.0 strips it back to give you the information you actually need – in an easy and accessible way. Simple dashboards and meaningful data give you all the necessary information and data you and your team need at your fingertips. It also keeps all your data in one place – so there’s no need to scroll through countless Whatsapp messages or sift through complex spreadsheets to find what you need. A handy QR code lets you and your team access and update dashboards in real-time, without the need for complex and longwinded processes. When we trialled this feature, our pilot teams found that having all the meaningful and relevant information in one accessible place helps drive quicker, more effective decision-making, better operational outcomes, and enhanced event experience. 

These three game-changing features are just a few of the ways that SWAPP 3.0 is transforming venues and events to give management teams an edge. They sit alongside features for enhanced safety, staffing, and automation to super-charge operations. 

Want to see how SWAPP 3.0 can transform your venue or event? Click here to find out more, or get in touch with our CRO, Rhys Perkins, at rhys@vindico.net

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