Another Six Nations Win for SWAPP

SWAPP is once again enhancing the Six Nations experience at Principality Stadium – amplifying safety, efficiency, and communication behind the scenes.

As Principality Stadium gears up for another packed Six Nations rugby tournament, Vindico’s SWAPP will be working hard behind the scenes with enhanced features for the upcoming clashes.

Having initially caught the attention of Principality Stadium and the WRU in 2020, SWAPP became a trusted companion for managing events while optimising safety and efficiency

For the upcoming Six Nations, we’re introducing a fresh wave of improved features and updates for SWAPP, which are specifically tailored to optimise match days. These include an enhanced accreditation feature and media portal. 

“Our talented developers are continually enhancing SWAPP with our signature ‘simpler and better’ ethos in mind,” says Rhys Perkins, Head of Partnerships at Vindico. 

“These added features have been customised specifically for the WRU and Principality Stadium to make the overall SWAPP experience even more valuable for both match days and beyond.” 

The enhanced accreditation feature and media portal join a host of our SWAPP platform’s signature features, which have been specifically designed to support simpler and better safety, staffing, communication, and overall experience.  

And as SWAPP prepares to start its third Six Nations campaign for the WRU and Principality Stadium, we’re delighted to be playing our part behind the scenes. As Rhys puts it: 

“It’s fantastic to see SWAPP play such an important part supporting the WRU and Principality Stadium for yet another campaign. 

“As the Six Nations fever takes over Cardiff for the next few weeks, SWAPP is a testament to our tech’s positive impact, not only in enhancing safety protocols but also contributing to the overall efficiency and excitement of this iconic Welsh sporting event.” 

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