Barcud: Designing and delivering a new website during a pandemic

When Tai Ceredigion and Mid-Wales Housing Association merged to become Barcud, they knew they needed to get creative.

The housing association was undergoing a complete brand transformation. And that called for a new website design that would set them apart.

That’s where we came in.

“We were looking for a company with innovative ideas,” says Barcud’s  Communications Officer, Janice Thomas

“We needed a company who took all the different platforms into account. One who had the capacity to fulfil a very tight deadline, and who approached the project with a positive ‘can do’ attitude to problem solving.”

They had us at “problem solving”, but it was up to us to prove that we could deliver.

“Jo blew us away during the interview,” says Janice.

“We over-ran on what we thought was a very generous time slot!

“But he gave us ideas and possibilities and made us look at the project in a different way.”

On to the project.

In true Purple Vinja style, our Lead Creative, Kieran, worked closely with Barcud to understand what they wanted to achieve.

He also used in-depth analytics from both current websites. These provided the concrete evidence we needed to inform key decisions throughout the entire website design process.

Or, as Janice puts it:

“Websites can be frightening things for muggles, but he put us at ease!

“Kieran came up trumps. He worked with us, took our ideas on board, and provided justified reasoning behind why some things could, and could not, work.

“In effect, Kieran had to work with two different organisations as the merger had not been completed. This meant juggling different ideas and priorities. But he dealt with it all in a professional, calm and diplomatic manner – even at the 11th hour, on a Sunday night, with a launch looming within hours!”

The result?

A new organisation with a clear, easy to navigate, fresh-looking website that sets Barcud apart from all other housing associations.

“It’s different to all other housing association websites”, says Janice.

“We’ve been praised for how easy it is to navigate, and how clean and sharp it looks. It’s everything we set out to achieve and we’re very happy with the outcome.”

Could your website be performing better? Drop us a line to see how our #ThinkPurple approach can help you look at your site in a different way – for maximum results.


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