A Breath of Fresh Air: How We’re Paving the Way for Better Air Quality in Wales

Vindico’s Think Air project has started to roll out more than 50 Air Quality Sensors across Wales.

In fact, in the coming months we’ll have the largest live Air Quality Sensor Network in the country.

It’s a project we’re really proud of, and it’s helping us drive positive change like never before.

But let’s rewind.

What is Think Air?

Good question. We created Think Air with one simple mission in mind: to make the latest technology in air quality accessible, affordable and easy to understand.


Well, you see, air pollution is responsible for approximately 24,000 premature deaths every year in the UK.

What’s more – poor health as a result of air pollution costs the NHS up to £20 billion a year.

£20 billion?

Yes, really. £20 billion.

But there was a problem. Traditional sensors are very expensive – not to mention being highly limited.

What does that mean?

It means that most of our nation’s air quality has been modelled using only a handfuls of sensors.

That is until now.

Think Air is changing the way we measure, monitor, raise awareness of air quality. It’s also driving  positive change across Wales.

“It’s been a labour of love of two years!” says says Vindico MD, Jo Polson.

“Understanding the issues and changing behaviour starts with accurate measurement.

“But more than that, the data needs to be accessible, affordable and easy to understand.

“We’ve spent two years developing the unique sensors and software platform behind Think Air, and we’re now on track to having the largest live air quality network in Wales by the end of 2020.”

How is Think Air funded?

Glad you asked. Proceeds from every Vindico project go towards funding the development of Think Air throughout Wales.

“We couldn’t have come this far without the support of our clients who have all contributed to Think Air through their contracted projects with Vindico.

“As a great example, proceeds from the new Scarlets Rugby website will go towards sensors and raising awareness in their region and beyond.”

Click here to find out more about Think Air – and how it’s driving change for good across Wales.