Building A Team That Drives Innovation: A Think Purple Approach

How we’ve created a community of the right people, doing the right roles, to transform client ideas into remarkable, results-driven creations.


Innovation. Not a week goes by without the buzzword popping up somewhere. From LinkedIn posts to strategy meetings to the mainstream evening news, innovation is having more than it’s fifteen minutes.


But behind the most successful innovations is a remarkable team. A team that brings together the essential roles, responsibilities, and blue sky thinking an innovation needs to succeed.


And that’s exactly what our Think Purple approach achieves.


Because anyone can have an idea. It’s what you do with that idea that makes all the difference.


Innovation is about transforming ideas into concepts, concepts into prototypes, and prototypes into products that change the way businesses operate – for the better.


Here at Vindico, we call it: Thinking Purple.


It means asking better questions to deliver better outcomes. And it’s more than just a catchy slogan. It’s our ethos, our mission, it underpins everything we do, and it’s what our clients know and trust.


Our Think Purple approach doesn’t just apply to our clients – we use it to shape everything we do inside the Vindico brand, too – including selecting the right people, for the right roles.


An innovation dream team (or, as we call them, ‘Purple Vinjas’) is a key to our framework.


We’ve created an award-winning community of Wales’ finest creative thinkers, engineers, and technologists to deliver real innovationat pace.


Innovation also means staying ahead of wider trends – and a shift to digital adoption has seen Vindico add three new web dev experts to our team in the last few weeks alone.


It’s this forward-thinking, agile approach that lets us continue to design – and implement – the technologies that transform inspiring scenarios client success stories like no other.


Because, amidst the creativity, innovation is ultimately about results – and our Purple Vinjas have a track record of working together to turn exciting topics into concrete, commercial results.


And we do it all while predicting – and continually innovating – solutions that help our clients to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape.


Today’s environment can be challenging, but innovation (there we go with that buzzword again) is key for succeeding in challenging times. And we’ve got the team who can help you implement the solutions you need to adapt, grow, and thrive in today’s changing environment.


Want to start turning your ideas into tangible results that will give your brand a competitive edge? Drop our Purple Vinjas a line today.

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