Coleg Sir Gar: A Project That Takes Vindico Pack To Our Roots

We’re excited to be collaborating with the Llanelli college that has played an important role in Vindico’s evolution.

Coleg Sir Gar is the place where almost half of the Vindico team gained their skills as students or apprentices (including our brilliant, blue-sky-thinking Technical Director Ryan Griffiths). It’s also shaped some of the finest thinkers and innovators in Wales.

Vindico’s latest project is a collaboration with both Coleg Sir Gar and the Agriculture Research Centre for Wales.

The task?

To build a bespoke software platform that collects and analyses sensor data on a multi-site project.

The software will measure everything from the weather and soil moisture to leaf wetness and everything in between. It will provide a simple visualisation of complicated data in the field (literally!). It will also prompt the correct actions to take for optimal results, as well as logging these activities.

The environment is an area that we’re particularly passionate about here at Vindico. In fact, this project ties in perfectly with our existing clean air initiative – Think Air.

Keep your eyes peeled for a full case study on this exciting Welsh eco project.

Click here  to find out more about our clean air sensor network – and how it can help your environmental impact and CSR.

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