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Transport for Wales: Innovating a Smarter, Safer Workplace


Transport for Wales are driving the Welsh Government’s vision of a high-quality, safe, integrated, affordable, and accessible transport network.

This vision applies to everyone – from passengers to staff to contractors. So, when they needed to streamline visitor and contractor management across all of their rail depots, they turned to Vindico.


Transport for Wales and Vindico have an established relationship that goes way back. Vindico have been providing digital signage, WiFi, and live customer information for the Transport for Wales last five years. This relationship has taught us a lot about how Transport for Wales works. It’s also given us insight into the challenges of controlling access to their depots throughout Wales – especially with the new Covid regulations.

Transport for Wales originally came to us to provide a solution to help them comply with the changing regulations. They also wanted to make sure their workplace was as safe as it possibly could be.

What we pitched wouldn’t just solve these problems for Transport for Wales. It would become a catalyst to achieve so much more.

#ThinkPurple Solution.

Enter SWAPP (Smart Workplace Application).

Working closely with Transport for Wales for over nine months, we were able to collate all of the brand’s up-to-date practices, processes, and policies into one user-friendly app.

Finally going live in August 2021, SWAPP is now used to streamline their approach, while providing optimum safety for everyone on site.

The platform doesn’t just control access to each of Transport for Wales’ sites, it also runs their inductions, snagging, incident reporting, and monitors every project and job on site.

SWAPP’s key features include:

  • Sign in/out (across all offices and sites, for staff, visitors, and contractors)
  • Site dashboards (providing info on who is where, and key project information)
  • Fire roll call (for each site)
  • Staff directory (with bios, click-to-email function, and contact info)
  • Inductions
  • Notice board
  • Reporting (of accidents, incidents, and snagging)
  • Accreditation (and permit to work creation)
  • Integrated document viewer (so no more searching through emails for the right attachments)


Digitising the experience means the old sign in book is gone for good. Live dashboards that offer a complete overview of each site have replaced endless email chains that provided only a singular view of projects and incidents.

It’s also simplified the process for contractors and team members. A single portal allows them to upload all relevant safety certification and Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) in advance. It also manages work requests and advanced screening – giving Transport for Wales ability to manage and assess contractors before they are permitted on site.

SWAPP has made the entire process simpler and better for Transport for Wales. It’s become their key contact system, and its innovative capabilities have satisfied unions and other departments along the way.

Although this foundation is leading the way for smarter, safer workplaces, Vindico’s development team are continually updated and improving SWAPP’s features to keep it one step ahead. New features and modules soon to be added will range from asset tracking to rota management, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

“Vindico over-delivered. The scope kept changing and they continually added the requests to the system with smiles on their faces.

“SWAPP has totally transformed and improved contractor and visitor management for us at Transport for Wales – especially from a safety point of view in a very safety critical industry.” – Kieran Hickman, Transport for Wales 

For more information about SWAPP – and how it can help your team, business, or event stay safe and compliant – drop us a line today.  

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