Listen Up: Vindico chats air quality on the latest 1202 – The Human Factors Podcast

Our MD Jo Polson talks air quality, pollution, and its impact on human performance.

It’s one of our favourite subjects here at Vindico, so we jumped at the chance to talk about air.

Yes, really!

It’s an area that we’re  incredibly passionate about. We developed Think Air (link) – our own low-cost sensors and software platform – to raise awareness and understanding of air quality, and drive behavioural change.

In fact, by the end of 2020 Think Air will be the largest live air quality network in Wales – and the largest in the UK by 2021.

You can find out all about it – and why clean air is important for our health, our wellbeing, and our day-to-day performance over on the podcast.

Click here to listen

Side note: There’s a great reason why the podcast is called 1202 – and it’s well worth Googling!