Ministry of Furniture Signs Up For SWAPP

Ministry of Furniture are digitising their approach to scaling up with the help of SWAPP

Ministry of Furniture are experts in creating workplace and educational environments. And as we return to offices and classrooms after the COVID peak – they’re a brand that’s in demand.

So much so thar they’re about to move to bigger space to increase their manufacturing capability – and that’s where Vindico and our SWAPP platform comes in.

Ministry of Furniture’s new site houses cutting edge tech – from 3D models to augmented reality – and SWAPP will providing the foundation platform they need to access and adopt these latest innovations into their business.

SWAPP will bring a new level of efficiency to Ministry of Furniture. It will allow the growing business to efficiently scale up, increase their product portfolio, and automate many manual processes. SWAPP will also help the brand speed up customer service and engagement.

This project is a biggie for Vindico and our SWAPP platform. And it started the way all good projects do – with coffee and pastries!

The Vindico team were instantly drawn to Ministry of Furniture. Aside from their excellent reputation, impeccable service, and customer care, it’s hard not to notice the big purple branding (talk about synergy!).

Using our established SWAPP platform, Vindico will be creating bespoke modules for stock, customer CRM, quoting, and order building.

Bringing together data from multiple suppliers, in multiple formats, is a constant challenge in this industry. To solve this, we’ll be creating a data profiling tool that will streamline the process and enable easy addition to the new Ministry of Furniture product database. This means that customers will get the quickest possible access to Ministry of Furniture’s new additions and services.

The difference SWAPP will be making is huge.

And we really mean huge. Ministry of Furniture has a team who are all working really hard – but time is always an issue. SWAPP’s automation will free the team from time-consuming manual tasks, so they so they can spend more time doing what they really want to be doing – looking after their customers.

On top of this, SWAPP will give Ministry of Furniture live oversights and dashboards to each department – so the relevant key drivers are just a glance away.

Click here to find out more about how SWAPP is helping teams and businesses of all sizes and structures to digitise and improve efficiency.

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