Reducing Pollution and Costs

a hand wearing white gloves holding an inhaler

Our children are the most important to us, and we’d do anything to keep them safe.

The impact of pollution not only depends on how it’s emitted, how dangerous it is, but it also depends on where it’s emitted, how long it stays in the atmosphere and finally where it ends up and who is it exposed too.`

5.4 million people in the UK have Asthma, 1.1 million of those are children, and with more and more construction sites popping up all over our towns and cities, it’s getting a lot harder to protect our little ones.

We are learning more and more every day and moving from just measuring to awareness and understanding. The Action will be the most difficult yet crucial stage.

We’ve partenered up with Gaia Group UK to deliver a project that fits firmly into the action phase in the construction sector. The reductions will be both pollution and costs ūüėČ More news to follow very soon!

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