Social Hotspot

The Marketing Platform that also does WiFi



Easy Set-up

Plug in the Social Hotspot router and you're up and running.

Secure Network

Multiple wireless networks for Guest and Private use, shared but secure.

Social Login

Users log in through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and Google.

Likes & Check-ins

Request users to Like your business Facebook page or check-in to your venue.

Capture Data

We make it simple to access your data and can provide live integration with Mailchimp or CRM

Branded Pages

Use this space to promote your brand and special offers to everyone that connects

Agile CRM Integration

As partners of Agile CRM we can set up live integration for automated marketing campaigns.


Gain Insights into your customer's social profiles and set up automatic email campaigns

Some of our happy clients include

Total Connections
This Year so far
Campaign Emails Sent
Unique Users Captured
This Year so far
Social Hotspot Dashboard

Behind the scenes the dashboard allows you to view your Social Hotspot analytics to gain insight into your customers.

Select your date range to view statistics on new users, the number of connections
and growth of your social hotspot

View Reports and Graphs on which Social Media Networks your customers are using to communicate, for better interaction and engagement.

Download the full list of data including Email Addresses on your Customers to import into CRM and Email Marketing software.

Pricing & Packages

As official partners of Agile CRM we can offer Marketing packages that are not only affordable, but easy to implement with automated campaigns that react to your customers activity even when you're asleep!

A single Access Point installation costs just £25 plus VAT per month with no hidden extras.
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