SWAPP: Elevating Workplace Efficiency in Today’s Dynamic Workplaces 

SWAPP is revolutionising the way businesses operate, with seamless efficiency and enhanced collaboration.

But let’s rewind to look at how it got here. 

We created SWAPP (Smart Workplace Application) as a direct response to the pandemic – to help the WRU bring rugby back to our screens behind closed doors, keeping everyone safe while complying with strict government guidelines. 

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It quickly emerged as a pivotal force, ensuring the smooth execution of the Autumn Internationals and the Six Nations at Principality Stadium. We quickly realised that SWAPP wasn’t just solving new safety issues posed by a pandemic – it was also a platform solving old efficiency issues too – and it’s been used at every live event for the WRU and Principality Stadium since. 

SWAPP was such a success that Parc Y Scarlets, Scarlets Rugby, Sale Sharks, Cardiff Rugby, Cardiff Devils, Vindico Arena, and Gloucester Rugby have since adopted the platform to streamline their processes. Glamorgan Cricket has also signed up for SWAPP. 

Although SWAPP spent its first two years as a niche platform within the sport and stadia sector, 2023 saw it evolve into an indispensable tool for a diverse range of industries – from construction and transportation to civil, legal tech, and everything in between. 

What sets SWAPP apart is its ability to streamline communication processes previously scattered across various channels like WhatsApp, email, text messages, Excel, and paper ledgers, consolidating them into one intelligent platform. 

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As Rhys Perkins, Vindico’s Head of Partnerships puts it, “Our SWAPP platform takes a process run by various digital and analogue channels and brings it all into one smart place.” 

In essence, SWAPP enhances efficiency, simplifies operations, and elevates overall business processes.

And, as SWAPP gears up to make even more of an impact for businesses, it’s introducing a suite of new features aimed at optimising day-to-day processes and ensuring operational excellence. The application remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing time management, operational efficiency, meaningful data accuracy, and overall user experience.

SWAPP’s core features for businesses include:

  • Temporary and sub-contractor rostering and management
  • Parking management
  • Sign in/out procedures (for staff, visitors, and contractors)
  • Live dashboards (offering real-time information on personnel and key project data)
  • Fire roll call (prioritizing safety protocols)
  • Staff directory (complete with bios, a click-to-email function, and contact information)
  • Inductions
  • Noticeboard
  • Reporting capabilities for accidents, incidents, and snagging issues
  • Accreditation and permit-to-work creation
  • Integrated document viewer (eliminating the need for exhaustive email searches)
  • Contract management
  • Risk assessments

As more businesses turn to SWAPP, the platform is proving to be more than an application; it is a sophisticated tool that’s enhancing workplace efficiency, safety, and collaboration – and it’s giving businesses an edge. 

To find out more about SWAPP – and how it can be seamlessly integrated into your organisation to enhance your processes – click here to get in touch

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