Tailored Tech: Simpler But Better

How Vindico’s tailored tech is helping businesses to streamline systems, and simplify processes for better productivity

Vindico’s Dev Team are behind some of today’s most innovative tailored tech.  Led by Technical Director Ryan Griffiths, our user-friendly approach to tailored tech is helping smart businesses in the facilities management sector solve old problems, prepare for the future, and create simpler, better systems.

And it’s the ‘simple but better’ element that’s proving a game-changer for facilities management firms across the UK.

As Vindico’s Head of Partnership, Rhys Perkins puts it:

“Since Covid, these types of businesses now need a more robust tech infrastructure. But robust doesn’t mean complex. It needs to make life easier, and it needs to be adopted by staff and teams for it to roll out successfully. And that’s exactly what we’re facilitating.”

In a nutshell, tailored tech means we’re stripping back old, outdated systems (and in some cases digitising complicated, unsustainable analogue processes), getting rid of all the unwanted, meaningless data, binning unnecessary features that never get used or can’t be accessed, and giving the boot to time-consuming processes that stop humans from doing the work they know and love.

And that’s where the ‘automation’ bit comes in.

“It’s about simplifying the whole process for facilities management firms so that people can forget about mundane tasks and get back to doing the work that adds real value to the business. And that organically leads to the ‘better’ bit,” adds Rhys.

Contract management, accreditation and permits, casual staff management, reporting and observations, and having the ability to find documents quickly and easily are just a few of the ways that our tailored tech is helping drive simpler, better business.

Combined, these smart processes, intuitive automation, and easy digital knowledge transfer is making tailored tech simple to adopt, and a breeze to use. It’s also helping businesses drive performance while allowing them to bring the ‘human’ touch back to the everyday, client or customer facing aspect of the work.

To find out how tailored tech can help you drive your business, drop us a line today.


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