Tech for good: How SWAPP helps keep your employees safe and compliant

Vindico’s SWAPP platform is helping big names across sport and business to optimise safety, compliance, and wellbeing. Here’s how…

SWAPP (which stands for Smart Workplace Application) is a platform Vindico originally created to meet the safety and compliance demands of Transport for Wales back in 2021.

But what started as product for a public sector client quickly became an essential tool for changing workforces.

Since launching, SWAPP’s been in such high demand that our dev team, led by Technical Director Ry, have been hard at work adding even more features to help the growing safety and compliance demands of businesses, stadiums, arenas, and sports teams.

“We used the Covid pandemic as a chance to not just tackle new problems, but solve old ones, too,” says Vindico MD, Jo Polson.

And one of the key problems SWAPP is solving is safety and compliance – especially as we prepare for Covid restrictions to be lifted.

Here’s how:

  • SWAPP collates an organisation’s up-to-date practices, processes, and policies into one user-friendly app
  • Providing a streamlined approach, SWAPP gives optimum visibility for businesses, while also taking care of all the measures needed for optimum safety, compliance, and wellbeing
  • It covers everything from inductions and snagging to incident reporting and accreditation checks. It also monitors every project and job on site – whether it’s a depot, an arena, or an office

SWAPP’s key features include:

  • Sign in/out (across all offices and sites, for staff, visitors, and contractors)
  • Site dashboards (providing info on who is where, and key project information)
  • Fire roll call (for each site)
  • Staff directory (with bios, click-to-email function, and contact info)
  • Inductions
  • Notice board
  • Reporting (of accidents, incidents, and snagging)
  • Accreditation (and permit to work creation)
  • Integrated document viewer (so no more searching through emails for the right attachments)
  • Contract management
  • Track and trace
  • Snagging
  • Live fire roll call
  • Risk assessments

“We’re continuously updated features to stay one step ahead – and to make workplaces safer and more efficient,” adds Jo.

“SWAPP has evolved rapidly in the last 12 months – going from something useful for providing safe working access to staff during the height of the pandemic, to becoming a key foundation platform that we can bolt on to existing systems, processes and problems.”

Fast-forward to today and SWAPP is now one of the most prominent safety apps used across the UK.

Simple to use, and smart to run, SWAPP now provides a single portal for management teams to view essential live information, while optimising safety and compliance.

Its seamless integration has seen brands including Walters Group, OOMPH!, Ministry of Furniture, and One Central Square adopt the platform in 2022 alone.

To find out more about SWAPP – and how it can help your organisation streamline its approach to safety and compliance – drop us a line today.

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