Techniquest: Implementing a Thriving, Pandemic-Proof Digital Outreach Programme

Helping Techniquest stay connected with schools during lockdown with a digital outreach programme.

What was intended as a stop gap until Techniquest could reopen has become a thriving online platform that continues to grow.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Techniquest knew they needed to adapt their approach – pronto. Wales’ leading science museum wanted a way to stay connected with schools during lockdown – and that’s where Vindico came in.

Working with Techniquest, we developed a digital outreach platform that lets schools access fantastic science classes and materials.

It’s simple, easy to navigate, and lets teachers access tons of relevant teaching materials and resources for their classroom. These include themed videos and teaching materials on a variety of science topics in both Welsh and English. Some materials are downloadable, whereas others are viewable only through the platform.

We also developed a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) that allows Techniquest to manage its content, resources, and users. It also generates single-use redemption codes that can be purchased through Techniquest’s existing ticketing systems.

With the pandemic shutting businesses overnight, time was of the essence for this project. In fact, we developed both the digital outreach platform and the bespoken CMS for Techniquest in just one month. Yes, you read that right – one month.

It was good-to-go by September 2020, starting with just three online classes. Today, it has grown to over 20 science classes, with engagement still rising as schools adapt to the ‘new normal’.

It’s become a key platform for spreading knowledge and STEM skills – and its accessible to every school in Wales.

It’s now adopted by 131 schools across 21 Welsh counties, and a few over the border in England, too.

To date, 15,385 pupils have accessed the fun and engaging classes – and these numbers continue to grow.

“Vindico’s forward-thinking approach, and ability to work to an extremely tight deadline, helped us transform the idea into a digital solution that is now delivering content to pupils across Wales,”  says Gareth McTiffin, Head of Commercial Development at Techniquest.

“The positive feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming – and we can’t wait to see the full scope of this digital platform as the project evolves.”

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