The Six Nations Is Coming To Parc Y Scarlets – Here’s How We’re Helping To Make It Happen

Parc y Scarlets

Rugby is coming back to Wales, and we’re lending a helping tech hand in more ways than one.

Live Welsh sport is creeping back onto our screens (hurray!). But even with games being played behind closed doors, there’s still a huge responsibility to keep staff, contractors and broadcasters safe.

With people travelling from all over the country to make the Six Nations – and the Autumn Cup – possible, the Welsh Rugby Union’s focus is to deliver the best possible event with the safest possible working environment.

That’s why they came to us.

The WRU needed an app that would safely control access to the stadium, while tracking and tracing everyone signing in and out for each game. They’d seen a system being used by Tottenham Hotspur, but we knew we could do better.

What happened next?

On Friday 16th October, we presented our SWAPP app (link to: They loved our unique innovation, but needed something that they could take on the road, and would be able to take on the wider challenges of the upcoming rugby internationals.

The solution?

SWAPP Lite. A version of our original SWAPP app that features an added permit module that allows the teams, staff and contractors to register in advance – and confirm that they’re safe to attend.

By Monday 19th October (no, we don’t mess around!), we’d agreed the user journeys and visuals. But this entire new system had to be good to go that Friday.

What did that mean?

Coffee. Lots of coffee.

With such a tight turnaround, there was no room for error – and we had to get it right first time.

Nothing could get in our way – not even a fire that broke out in our Lead Developer Claudia’s building.


Yes, Really.

But, ever the professional, Claudia calmly took her laptop outside and continued to work out in the street until 10pm that night. Yes, that’s the level of commitment we have here at Vindico, and YES we’re so lucky to have her.

That Friday, we delivered the final product to the WRU – and they loved it!

It went live that weekend to broadcasters, press and contractors, and it’ll be used to help keep everyone safe at over 20 of the WRU’s events and match days over the next six weeks.

And that’s not the only Vindico innovation helping to make tomorrow’s Wales v Scotland game a reality.

Aside from using our new SWAPP Lite app, tomorrow’s six nations game at Parc Y Scarlets will also be using Vindishow for all the big screen content.

There’ll be five of our team on site to make sure the broadcaster feeds and in-game animations run smoothly. The biggest challenge will be stopping our Scottish MD, Jo, from hitting the “try” button every time Scotland get close.

To find out more about SWAPP – and how it can help your business or event meet the latest Government or industry safety criteria – drop us a line today