Think Air Partners with Thriving Hive This World Bee Day

We’re buzzing about Think Air’s new collaboration with UK honeybee experts, Thriving Hive. 

Thriving Hive is a Coventry University project that will see scientists and beekeepers work together to help bees in the UK to thrive in their environment.

Honeybees today face many threats to their environment – and air pollution could be a key contributor.


We don’t yet know how much air quality impacts our bees – but Think Air is about to help change this.


Up until now, air pollution has been the subject of little research, but our collaboration will help us top understand the direct effect of toxic air (especially fine particulate matter, or PM2.5) on honeybee health and productivity.




Well, it’s not an easy task, but Think Air will be working with Thriving Hive to map particulate presence across the UK. The project will help us to monitor – and better understand – the impact of small particle air pollution on the honeybees, their hives, and their hive products.


60 beekeepers from various locations across the West Midlands will take part in the project. Each one will receive a Think Air sensor to record local air pollution. They’ll then work together with Thriving Hive’s team of scientists to analyse results and put measures in place that will help UK honeybees thrive.


We’ll be reporting back with the latest buzz on this project when it gets under way.


You can find out more about our cutting-edge Think Air sensor and software network here, or by dropping us a line here.

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