Trusted Tech Partnerships (And Four Benefits of Outsourcing)

Digital technology has become non-negotiable for businesses – and outsourcing tech has become one of the biggest trends of 2022.

To hire or to outsource is an age-old dilemma for businesses. But in an era where basic IT systems just don’t cut it – tech partnerships are thriving.

Of course, IT is essential to every organisation, but forward-thinking businesses are realising that IT software and support just isn’t enough. Businesses today want efficiency, connectivity, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing markets and scenarios. And that’s where tech partnerships come in.

Outsourcing tech was previously a luxury for big companies with huge SaaS budgets, but this has changed. In 2022, tech is easier and more accessible than ever.

Here’s four ways outsourcing tech can benefit your organisation in 2022:


  1. Efficiency – We’ve all used software, sometimes expensive software where only 10 – 15 % of it gets utilised by the business – either because it’s not clear how to use it, or because it’s not relevant. Sometimes that’s all we need. But in 2022 it’s survival of the quickest, and off-the-shelf software just isn’t enough. That’s where SWAPP comes in. SWAPP (Smart Workplace Application) is Vindico’s own software platform that’s been specifically designed to facilitate the speed, efficiency, productivity, and connectivity that businesses are looking for post-pandemic. It’s also the foundation platform for the tailored tech that’s facilitating business and digital transformations for our clients in sectors ranging from sport, civil, and transport to hospitality, manufacturing, and retail.


  1. Money-saving – The cost of hiring an in-house dev team can be high. The cost of hiring an exceptional in-house will be even higher. But outsourcing your tech and digital requirements means you can save money on hiring and get access to the experience and expertise of an entire company – not just a dev team. At Vindico, our clients have access to our dev team, web team, a dedicated business development manager, and full tech support. It’s like a swiss army knife for your business.


  1. Resilience – Working with a tech partner to understand both short-term and long-term goals means you gain a fresh, outsider view of the business. This, in turn, can help you quickly and efficiently flag and diagnose roadblocks to success that may not have been apparent. Your tech partner will then help you implement tailored digital and tech solutions that will give you a robust platform for maximum adaptability, efficiency, connectivity, and scaling up – all while you navigate changing markets and scenarios.


  1. Productivity – A direct – yet often-overlooked benefit of outsourcing your tech is that a small in-house IT team simply can’t achieve what a dedicated tech company can. When it comes adding value, outsourcing tech to the experts gives you access to tailored tech features and services that can enhance your organisation’s productivity. Whether it’s tools to help your employees work remotely, connectivity features that enhance collaboration, safety protocols that eliminate longwinded process, or optimising staff wellbeing – outsourcing tech to the professionals can help you boost productivity, enhance company culture, and bring employee wellbeing to the forefront.


Whether you’re a start-up with a great idea, a business looking to scale, or a large organisation with multiple existing systems and processes that could be streamlined – outsourcing tech could be the answer.

As the outsourcing trend continues, many of Vindico’s latest projects have seen us become development and technology partners – where our tailored tech and expertise is fully integrated into our clients’ long-term goals.


To find out more about tech partnerships with Vindico, drop us a line here.

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