Vindico Becomes Business Transformation Partner for Walters Group

Vindico have partnered with Walters Group to drive the brand’s business transformation.

Vindico is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Walters Group to implement the smart technologies the brand needs to drive a sustainable business transformation.

This new partnership focuses on sustainability, employee safety and wellbeing, and a better work / life balance for every employee at Walters Group. It’s an evolving project that focuses on two key areas for Walters Group’s tech transformation:

  • The website – which covers user experience (UX) and the brand’s overall digital presence
  • SWAPP – our Smart Workplace Application

The website is a project we’re rethinking from the ground up. Walters Group is experiencing significant growth, but as the brand transitions from SME to a larger enterprise, the forward-thinking business wants to keep its focus on its sustainable future – without losing its family heritage.

Stripping it back and rebuilding the website with the user experience (UX) in mind, we’re focusing on Walters Group’s great achievements so far, and perhaps more excitingly – the important work that’s on its way.

With Walters Group’s more holistic approach to recruiting star talent at the forefront – along with its core values, family heritage, sustainable future, and The Walters Way at the core – we’re focused on developing a website that can evolve alongside Walters Group as they transition into a larger enterprise.

As for SWAPP. Where do we start?

SWAPP (Smart Workplace application) is streamlining Walters Group’s systems and processes to give the business a more pro-active information network system that goes beyond IT support.

SWAPP’s safety features are efficiently keeping employees and contractors safe across Walters Group’s sites. It’s automating and streamlining everything from a regulatory and accreditation perspective while maintaining site health and safety requirements.

SWAPP’s key features include:

  • Automated contractor and sub-contractor management, including approval and communication
  • Sign in/out (across all offices and sites, for staff, visitors, and contractors)
  • Site dashboards (providing info on who is where, and key project information)
  • Fire roll call (for each site)
  • Staff directory (with bios, click-to-email function, and contact info)
  • Inductions
  • Notice board
  • Reporting (of accidents, incidents, and snagging)
  • Accreditation (and permit to work creation)
  • Integrated document viewer (so no more searching through emails for the right attachments)

For Walters Group’s employees and contractors: SWAPP’s accessibility means that every employee or contractor can access the platform using their own preferred devices – which results in easier, more seamless adoption.

For Walters Group’s management: SWAPP’s digital experience provides live dashboards that offer a complete overview of each site. These dashboards are also allowing the business to manage, monitor, and report – using meaningful, intelligent data to drive better, more sustainable decisions.

“We at Walters Group are setting the standard for sustainability, safety, and excellence – and joining forces with Vindico is helping us stay one step ahead of the game,” says Huw Richards, Group Chief Operating Officer of Walters Group.

“SWAPP was a natural fit for the Walters Way, and it’s helping us to connect more efficiently with our teams on the ground while we also enhance both safety and efficiency. Digitising many of our processes and protocols isn’t just helping us to deliver better outcomes, but it’s also allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint and drive significant business growth with sustainability at the forefront.”

We at Vindico are committed to driving sustainable change through our smart tech solutions. So, Walters Group’s eagerness to evolve their business, and enhance sustainability, while focusing on the health, safety and wellbeing of its teams meant it was a perfect match for Vindico. As Vindico’s Head of Partnerships, Rhys Perkins, puts it

“We’re incredibly proud to be working with Walters Group as their Business Transformation Partner as they continue to drive change and build for their future.”

To find out more about SWAPP, and how Vindico’s smart tech and innovations can help transform your business, click here to speak to one of our team.

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