Vindico Helps Boris Johnson Launch Together For Our Planet Campaign at Downing Street

Vindico Managing Director Jo and Technical Director Ryan were at Downing Street on Friday to help Boris Johnson launch the new ‘Together for Our Planet’ campaign.

The event at No 10 Downing Street launched the nationwide campaign that will roll out across the UK in the run up to the UN Climate Summit in October.

With the aim of encouraging small businesses to commit to cutting their carbon emissions, the campaign celebrates small businesses – like us at Vindico – who are taking steps to decarbonise their businesses.

Only eight small businesses from across the UK were in attendance, and we were over-the-moon to be chosen as a UK Business Climate Leader for our leading air quality monitoring and measuring network, Think Air.

Officially launching on 22nd June 2021, our Think Air network is already gathering live data across Wales and England. It’s also the largest non-governmental particulate monitoring and measuring network in the UK.

Following months of research and development, we used Friday’s event to unveil our latest Think Air product: “TASK” (which stands for ‘Think Air Schools Kit’).

We developed the latest product alongside head teachers – so it sits in line with the current Welsh and English curriculums. And it’s been specially designed to get children aged 9 to 11 building, coding, and measuring the air quality around them – at school, at home, and on the daily commute.

Who was the first person outside of Vindico to get their hands on TASK?

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, of course. The PM not only built the product, but also praised Vindico’s vision and commitment to the next generation.

“I’m not just a business owner, I’m a parent as well. And I, like many parents, want a better, more sustainable world for my children,” said MD Jo.

“It’s our job to make sure that children have the tools and knowledge to deal with the challenges ahead. TASK delivers this in a practical and fun way, while learning about the importance of sustainability.

“Sustainability spreads – and we’re lucky that we get to work with some of the UK’s most carbon-conscious clients. But now’s the time to help spread the message to the next generation.

“Being a part of the Together for Our Planet campaign, and being able to present at Downing Street, has been a huge opportunity for us as a small business. By committing to Net Zero, we’re just trying to do our bit, and to be recognised for our carbon-conscious efforts is incredible.”


Click here for more information about Think Air, TASK, and our official launch event.

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