Vindico’s Paul Lewis Appointed Regional Clean Air Champion

Vindico’s Head of R&D, Professor Paul Lewis, has been appointed regional Clean Air Champion for the UKRI and the Met Office’s Clean Air Programme.

As a new regional Clean Air Champion, Paul Lewis joins the existing champions in supporting the national Clean Air Programme – a £42.5 million investment that supports high quality research and innovation to develop practical solutions for today’s air quality issues. It also equips the UK to proactively tackle future air quality challenges.

As our Director of R&D here at Vindico, Professor Paul is already driving some of the most cutting-edge research, insights, and innovations around clean air and its impact on local communities. His most high-profile project to date is Think Air – Vindico’s self-funded background air quality monitoring and insights network – of which he is Co-Founder.

Think Air is now the largest urban and rural background particulate network in Wales, covering the entire reach of the country. It provides air quality data  that supports agriculture, commercial, residential, and education environments. It’s also on track to being the largest non-governmental background air quality monitoring network in the UK by the end of 2022.

Most importantly, it is collecting real-time data that is helping Professor Paul and the team to gain valuable data and insights into local air quality – what’s impacting it, and what we can do to improve it.

“I am delighted to become the UKRI Regional Air Champion for Wales, supporting the work of the Clean Air Programme and Strategic Priorities Fund,” says Professor Paul.

“The role will allow me to engage with key stakeholders from academia, industry, government, the NHS and third sector right across Wales to help develop new solutions and policies to reduce air pollution and the impacts on our health and wellbeing.”

In addition to supporting the nationwide Clean Air programme, Professor Paul Lewis is a member of the Welsh Government Clean Air Panel. He’s also member of the Cross-Party Group for a new Clean Air Act, and sits on several advisory panels including the Wales Air Quality Direction Independent Review Panel and the Domestic Solid Fuel Burning in Wales, Task and Finish Group.

You can fine out more about the Clean Air Programme and its regional champions here.


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