Vindico’s CPO, Dan Keane, has officially unveiled SWAPP 3.0 at the annual TheStadiumBusiness Summit 

Taking to the stage on Tuesday, 18 June, Vindico’s Chief Project Officer, Dan Keane, has officially unveiled SWAPP 3.0 – the latest version of our game-changing stadium and venue management software. This latest technology builds on the success of Vindico’s original SWAPP platform – which has already been adopted by venues including Principality Stadium, The Arms Park, Sophia Gardens, Vindico Arena, and Parc Y Scarlets, and teams including Welsh Rugby Union, Cardiff Rugby, Glamorgan Cricket, and Gloucester Rugby. 

12-months in the making, and five years in development, SWAPP 3.0’s new technology – which is developed entirely by Vindico’s in-house development teams based in Cardiff and Llanelli – focuses on enhanced safety, automation, and knowledge transfer for stadia, venues, and sports teams, in line with new and upcoming government guidelines. 

The latest tech also enables management teams to streamline operations, drive efficiencies, and enhance knowledge transfer and upskilling, empowering organisations to succeed. 

“SWAPP 3.0 is designed for all things venue and stadium management, making everything you do more streamlined, efficient, and resilient,” says Chief Project Officer Dan Keane. 

“To give you a taste of what to expect, SWAPP’s new and improved features include staff, event, and task management, reporting, and incident management. With further enhancements for safety, communication, and knowledge transfer, this technology can very literally transform a venue.”

Vindico’s Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Griffiths, leads Vindico’s development team – and was the driving force behind SWAPP 3.0’s latest features. 

“SWAPP 3.0 has been 12 months in the making, following five years of continuous development, and I am immensely proud of the team who for bringing innovation, insight, and intelligent solutions to drive this cutting-edge technology forward,” says Ryan. 

“Without giving away our technical secrets, I can say that we designed SWAPP 3.0 to focus heavily on safety, automation, and knowledge transfer to enhance the overall experience for management teams, staff, gig workers, and fans alike. 

“As a team, we remain committed to driving simpler, better business that enhances safety and efficiency; and SWAPP 3.0 is an example of a cutting-edge technology that provides a transformative solution to empower businesses in the sport and stadia sector to take charge and thrive.”

SWAPP 3.0 has been officially unveiled at TheStadiumBusiness Summit and will soft launch in summer 2024, with a full roll out from autumn. 

Our latest technology launch announcement also coincides with Vindico’s milestone 10th year of innovating cutting-edge tech – and 2024 is set to be our most exciting year to date. 

To find out more about SWAPP 3.0, its soft launch this summer, and how it can help you transform your venue, email Vindico’s Chief Revenue Office Rhys Perkins at

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