Vindico’s Tailored Tech (And How It’s Giving Businesses an Edge)

Tailored tech is helping businesses access the features they need to thrive in ever-changing environments.

Tailored tech is just that. It’s technology that’s built just for you – and it’s designed to do exactly what you need it to.

Previously a luxury for big companies with huge SaaS budgets, now tailored tech is easier and more accessible than ever. And it’s the reason why forward-thinking businesses are shunning pricey off-the-shelf software in favour of tech that’s designed specifically to meet their unique business ambitions.

“It really puts businesses in the driving seat,” says Vindico MD Jo Polson.

“We’ve all used software, sometimes expensive software where only 10 – 15 % of it gets utilised by the business – either because it’s not clear how to use it, or because it’s not relevant. Sometimes that’s all we need. But in 2022 it’s survival of the quickest, and off-the-shelf software just isn’t enough.”

That’s where SWAPP comes in.

SWAPP (Smart Workplace Application) is Vindico’s own software platform that’s been specifically designed to facilitate the speed, efficiency, productivity, and connectivity that businesses are looking for post-pandemic. It’s also a foundation platform for the tailored tech that’s facilitating digital transformations for our clients in sectors ranging from sport, civil, and transport to hospitality, manufacturing, and retail.

“SWAPP has been a great catalyst for these kinds of platforms,” adds Jo.

“It delivers impact swiftly, it’s easy to adopt, and provides clients with instant benefits. But it’s designed to be that foundation that gives businesses so much more.”

And in an age where there seems to be an app or piece of software for anything, Vindico is seeing an increased demand for tailored tech that actually does the job well.

“Our clients are now fed up with separate systems, and everything being harder than it should be. Yes, there’s an app for most things, but businesses need more for it to integrate seamlessly and be adopted for success.

“When we visit prospective clients we’re seeing too much data, and not enough connections. SWAPP provides this as a foundation platform – and it’s giving our clients a single source of truth for all the meaningful data they need, with simple visualisation.”

Although SWAPP provides the basic features that are handy for your business – it’s its tailored tech capability that’s really giving clients a competitive edge.

Whether it’s an aggregator of lots of different business systems or a completely automated process-driven management system delivering what your business needs, SWAPP’s tailored tech capability is now helping businesses to automate processes, streamline their approach, and visually see the results.

“Since Covid, businesses are now looking for a more robust tech infrastructure,” adds Jo.

“Meaningless data and outdated systems that don’t tie together have been holding many businesses back. And tailored tech is like a spring clean that’s helping businesses transform the way they operate – for the better.”

Along with its existing tailored features, SWAPP’s latest tailored tech modules include stock management, job allocation and rota, staff wellness questionnaires, temporary staff recruitment and management, increased project visibility, and a tailored sales flow – from leads to invoice.

These latest modules have been designed to give businesses an advantage when it comes to productivity, efficiency, visibility, and connectivity. But the benefits of tailored tech don’t stop there. Since Vindico started to roll out SWAPP’s tailored tech in 2021, clients have reported:

  • More integrated, streamlined software that actually works
  • A single easy-to-access view and status of all meaningful data
  • The ability to spot – and address gaps in the business
  • Important data that’s just a click away
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • New opportunities presented
  • A resilient core platform that’s robust enough to handle market changes
  • Better data, better decisions, quicker data, and quicker decisions
  • Meaningful data that drives better business processes and practices
  • A more engaged workforce
  • Enhanced employee wellbeing
  • Better time-management
  • Elimination of menial tasks, thanks to automation
  • Optimum employee safety


These are just a few of the benefits that our clients have reported, and as Vindico’s dev team continues to evolve our tailored tech – led by market demand – we’ll keep making sure our clients stay one technological step ahead.

To find out more about Vindico’s tailored tech solutions – and how they’re helping businesses, sports teams, stadiums, and events get an edge – drop us a line to speak to our team today.

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