What’s a tech placement with Vindico really like?

Want to know what it’s really like to get hands-on tech experience? Vindico intern, Rory Durrant, spills the beans on his tech placement.

Tech is having a bit of a moment. As businesses and households alike all shift to a more digitised approach, there’s never been a better time to consider a career in tech.

But what’s it really like to get stuck into the fast-paced world of an ever-changing industry? We sat down with our very own tech intern, Rory Durrant, to get the low-down on his experience so far.

Vindico: How have you found your tech placement with us so far?

Rory: The placement so far has been outstanding, I never expected to be able to contribute to so many different projects. Each one’s been completely different from the last, requiring its own set of skills. I’ve gained so much experience and learnt a ton from the amazing and insanely skilled team here at Vindico.

Vindico: What did you expect from the tech placement?

Rory: I wasn’t completely sure what to expect from the tech placement. I assumed I would be working on either a single project or lots of different versions of the same thing. Coming from development experience in the public sector, I assumed it would be very similar, leaning towards older techniques and battle-tested technologies.

Vindico: So, did this match the experience?

Rory: Not at all! I’ve never worked on so many different, interesting projects in such a short amount of time! Every single week has been something different, or something new and upcoming. Plus, the emphasis on fast and new technologies was a game-changer for me. It’s allowed me to gain experience that will future-proof my development skills, rather than stick to already established practices.

Vindico: Best bit about the placement?

Rory: It has to be the people. Jo has built such an amazing team with the best workplace atmosphere I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone is incredibly skilled at what they do and is willing to support and guide you – even if you’re a complete newbie like me.

Vindico: How has the tech placement compared to any other jobs or experience you’ve had?

Rory: It’s been a world of difference from previous development jobs I’ve had. From the pace of development and the use of faster, cutting-edge tech to the team and workplace ethic. So far it has been a blast to work and learn here at Vindico.

Vindico: What would you say to anyone thinking about a year in industry with Vindico?

Rory: If you get the chance to take on a tech placement with Vindico then I’d highly recommend it – especially if you want to build your skills in web development and server-side applications.

Interested in taking on a tech placement at Vindico? We’re always on the hunt for tech talent to join our expanding team. Drop us a line here to find out more.



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