Women in Tech: How Vindico is Closing the Gender Gap in Wales

We at Vindico are reversing the trend, closing the gender gap in Wales, and celebrating the wonderful women in tech.

We’re part of an industry that’s bound to an outdated stereotype of male coders. A kind of ‘boys club’ if you will.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Whereas some industries have closed the gender gap, tech is one field where women have actually lost ground.

A recent Forbes article points out that in 1984, 37% of computer science graduates were women. By 2015, this had dropped to just 18%.

In the UK, women have accounted for – give or take – just 16% of the tech workforce during the last decade. And this percentage is decreasing.

What’s more, A PwC research report found that just 27% of female students in the UK would consider a career in tech, compared to 62% of their male peers.

But we’re here to make a change.

We’re actively crushing tech’s outdated stereotypes. And we’re proving that it’s no longer an all-male industry that’s solitary, technical, and uncreative.

It’s a place for blue sky thinking. A place to innovate. A place for everyone.

We’re committed to closing the tech gender gap in Wales.

We’re proud to be paving the way for women in tech, and if you’re a developer who’d like to join us on the journey then we’d love to hear from you!

You can drop us a line here, or email us at hello@vindico.net


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