Covid brought a new challenge to safely allowing access to your site or premises.

That's why we originally created SWAPP. The Smart Workplace Application.

It has since grown and become the foundation platform that ties many processes and third party platforms together in a single user interface.

SWAPP is now available for all workplaces and venues, not just to meet the immediate challenges Covid brings to all businesses, but also to provide lasting utility and value through simple and accurate visualisation of processes and data.

Vindico over-delivered. The scope kept changing and they continually added the requests to the system with smiles on their faces. SWAPP has totally transformed and improved contractor and visitor management for us at Transport for Wales - especially from a safety point of view in a very safety critical industry
Kieran Hickman, Transport for Wales
  • Multi Site

    Monitor multiple sites from one dashboard

  • Contactless Sign In/Out

    Just scan with the App

  • Raise Concerns

    Report Issues or incidents and upload images.

  • Policy Compliance

    Ensure all visitors and staff view and accept policies

  • Low cost install

    Simply print out QR codes near every entrance and exit

  • User Activity Dashboard

    Audit trail of all staff and visitors for Track and Trace

  • Inductions

    Display videos in App for inductions or tours before visitors arrive on site

  • Fire Register

    Quickly see who is in each location in case of emergency and perform a role call

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